About us

Welcome to
The Bud Shopping Network.

We are a live shopping and demo show for the CBD industry, bringing you only the best, most unique and certified products in the industry.

The Bud Shopping Network is a great way to shop products from home and learn without having to leave your living room.  All the questions you want to know about CBD products get answered right here.

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BSN films the show each Sunday and Monday between 8-10pm. There is no cost to submit products or to be featured on BSN. Once your product is selected you are approved to list your product with the insignia ‘As Seen on BSN’ logo and assets will be provided for you to add to packaging, website and promotional materials. Orders will be sent to your representative each week to fulfill per the terms and agreements of being on the show.

How To Get On The Show?

● Potential Products should be submitted for review to [email protected]
● Submit 5 Talking points for the host to review
● Products should be highly demonstrable
● Solve a problem or make life easier
● Appeal to CBD audience
● Have a unique feature or benefit that can be explained

Once I submit my products then what?

How do I know if my application was successfully submitted?
You will receive an automated email from the product submission website confirming receipt of your application.
Please check your spam/junk folder as the email is sometimes caught there.

If your product is selected we will work together to schedule the date that your products will be featured. We also will discuss if a representative from your product line, company can join the hosts of the show the day of filming.